Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Family 4th of July Celebration

So as to speak, to day is the 4th day of July where people are happy because it's a holiday in most establishments and companies. I got lucky for I don't have to work today. Thanks to my PTO balances where I can enjoyed my day off with pay. In normal workdays, Tuesday is one of my regular working day. 

At the pharmacy, holidays, Saturday and Sunday, we only need 4 people to operate the business. Today is one of those 4 people day. I was asked if I want to work by my manager but , of course, I said "NO" since I could use my PTO and would chose to spend holiday with my kids. It was approved and now, I'm home and looking for the cook out sometime today. ;)

Usually, we go to the place on the 3rd of July but this year where every vehicle had to pay $5 for parking and to watch the fireworks that would last for 25-30 minutes. It was worth paying $5 though. But, we want to be different this time. We didn't go to the place instead, we went to Sky Top Mountain and it wasn't the best because of the trees that were hindering to see the beauty of the fireworks. 

Therefore, we concluded and decided that we are not going to do it next year. It's either we are going to buy our own fireworks or, go back to the place were we pay $5 and witness a lot of beautiful fireworks.

P.S. We are going to grill some pork, sweet italian sausages, hotdogs, potatoe salad and watemelon!!!! Come and join us.. ;)