Monday, July 24, 2017

Considering A New Samsung S7 Smartphone

Yep, my current phone is Samsung smartphone which is not as good as Samsung S7! :( I did some advanced shopping from different store for cell phones and, I fell in love to Samsung S7, it's quite pricey but I loved the quality of it's pictures. Taking pictures and videos really matters to me especially I am going to have two students this coming school year. :(

With all the activities, I don't want to miss a thing taking their pictures. I was always disappointed as my current phone is not dependable in taking pictures. It ruins the moment. :(

Some friends of mine are not loving the S8 for some reasons and it is big in size which I don't like. The S6 I heard some not good feedbacks. So, I am sticking to S7 sooon. I'm getting it. My advance birthday gift to myself. ;)