Monday, July 24, 2017

Breaking Bad Habits

Breaking a bad habit is easier said than done. But they all come in all shapes and varying forms. Knowing the difference between bad habits is crucial. There are habits you know you have and need to combat. But there are ones you don't notice but everyone around you does.

Asking someone to be honest as to what your bad habit is will be tough, be prepared for them to be brutally honest. Go to someone who has your best interest at heart, don't defend yourself. Accept the criticism and start working on yourself and how to be successful.
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Some bad habits are worse than others of course. Living with a prescription addict is tough but breaking habits with loved ones are helpful and productive. Sticking to regular day goals with the support of positive people,gives chance and hope of success.

Money is a great motivator to break that bad habit and ditching it for good. Start by having a money box or 'swear jar' is a method used every time that has is broken. If you're caught in the act drop the money in. The good thing about this is it teaches you to drop the habit, but also money can build up.

Getting back into health by banning unhealthy eating is a great way to being the best you. These set of tips are so simple to follow and don't require fancy foods or meals. Making small changes. Swapping afternoon junk snacks for a bag of nuts or vegetables reaps rewards.
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Learning how to break free from the cycle of habits takes time and effort. But if you commit yourself enough it will see great adjustments in your lifestyle. Patience is the biggest key to achieving success. Focus on small steps, be it kicking smoking halving the pack can wean you off. If it's a health kick then swap cans of fizzy for water. It sounds simple but breaking from routine takes time and pay off in the long run.

Thinking about why you do these habits is another way to combat. Psychologically we know the habit is bad but we somehow find comfort in still doing it. Get round to thinking positively and blocking out the thoughts.
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Cognitive thoughts are a fantastic way to practice breaking the cycle. practicing exercises each day over time will help. A great exercise is breathing meditation, each day set aside just a few minutes to focus on sensations. This can be done anywhere so no excuse can be given to not being able to commit. Focusing on the sensation rather than about the breathing, this transitions in combating the thoughts that swirl in the mind.

Acknowledging the bad habit is the first step and that it will be a slow process. But give yourself a pat on the back for starting on the road to changing. Many people fail to keep going and remember you can do it.