Monday, July 24, 2017

Booking A Hotel Room In New York

Five years ago, we went to New York to renew my Philippine passport. Booking a hotel, making a reservation wasn't a pain. We did our reservation online. 

Now, it is almost impossible to do it. They're just making it so complicated. I called different numbers yesterday and was once out "on hold" for 20 minutes because she was going to check for any availability according to the date that I want in.

Geez! Been waiting and I gave up! Anyway, we tried this morning, doing different approached online and finally got a hotel but a different hotel. Fortunately, this hotel that we got is not too far from the Philippine embassy. 

This will be the last time that I'll be visiting the embassy and going to New York for my passport. I have enough with this drama. Expenses, distance and more inconvenience involved.... But, this is something that MUST be done!