Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Arrived At Your New Home Only To Find It In Terrible Condition? Here's What You Should Do

Moving into a new home is a beautiful time for you and your family. It’s hard to not stay excited from the moment you’ve laid the first payment down that by default means that the property is yours. Not only that, but the entire process of preparing, packing and moving that precedes you entering the property for the first time with the intent to stay can be overwhelming in your apprehension and excitement.

However, sometimes little contingencies might rear their heads in the forms you least expected. You might arrive at the new house, only to see that it’s in much worse condition than when you were shown round. The previous owner might have had a party before they left and neglected to clean it, they might have dumped rubbish in their garden during their own packing process, or a repair might have failed under the sink, and now the entire kitchen area is flooded.
It’s important to understand how to deal with these instances which can make even the most patient property owner want to metaphorically ‘hit the roof.’ However, in these instances, it’s important you keep your head about you and work towards a common set of goals that can help you navigate through this process in the safest, most professional way possible.

Take Pictures
The first item on your checklist that you need to carry out is taking clear pictures of the damage or state of disrepair. Make sure the pictures are dated through a watermark in your camera. Take pictures of the damage from every angle, up close and in all-encompassing shots. Take pictures of the areas that could cause harm to a resident especially.
This will be utilized as evidence should you need to litigate against those you have purchased the property from, including the owner and property agent. Make copies of these photos and print them so you have tangibly physical and multiple digital versions to store and present when needed.

Contact Property Agents
After assessing the damage, you should immediately contact the property agents that sold you the property and NOT the previous owner. Try and act calm on the telephone to prevent them gaining any ammunition against you in a future court case. Demand that a representative comes and visit the property. You might be able to litigate against them if they don’t act according to a respectful procedure, so be sure to analyze every step they take to help you rectify the issue.
Place your family in a hotel if the property isn’t worthy to be lived in, and keep the receipts of every penny you spend on housing your family in this temporary accommodation, with an eye to charging the property agents with it in future.

Clean Up & Save Bills
If you would like to live in the property, it’s important to use a professional service to remove the rubbish immediately, so pests do not spread. Consider using Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removals found here dirtcheaprubbishremoval.com.au in order to professionally remove the trash. Keep records of the quote they give you.
When all three of these are carried out, it’s time to litigate, depending on how you are treated by the property agent. If they are happy to pay for the costs that made for such an inconvenience, then you can let the matter lie. They usually have insurances against this sort of issue, and they can litigate against the previous owner to regain their lost capital. If they are difficult about it though, don’t feel bad to sue them. It is their responsibility to check the property is safe and functional before you move in, and if it isn’t then you are well within your rights to claim compensation.