Thursday, June 1, 2017

School Awarding Day

School Awarding Day! I am very fortunate today for I don't have to sacrifice my PTO time... The awarding day falls on Thursday which is today and my, day off! ;) My girl is in 4th grade and she really surprised us for getting 3 different awards. 

First award was the most amazing gift that she gave to us for this school year. She got the "Honor Roll" award which means, you are in Straight A's list.. Yay, for my girl!!!! 

She is not the "I wanna study hard" type of student. She does a lot of video games and online stuffs such as Youtube and other stuff related to her games. I let her do what she wants and it seems that kind of freedom she's getting is working effectively. ;)

Back to her award: Second award was about "Best in writing" award. My girl excelled in English. She's very good in writing, writing up stories, grammars, spelling and etc. Last one was, the award from her Band lesson. ;)

The morning awards served 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. This afternoon will be 2nd, 1st and kindergartners. :)

It has been an awesome school year!!! I am a very proud mother.. ;) I am so proud of my girl!!! ;) Thanks GOD!!!! ;)