Monday, June 5, 2017

Balikbayan Boxes And Financial Budget

Being a Filipino is not easy. Wherever you are, you are still very attached to your family in Philippines. Sigh! On the other hand, no one to be blamed but me. I liked spoiling them, they're not demanding of what to receive. 

I admired some of my friends that shop at the Dollar store for their Balikbayan goods.There is nothing wrong with it. But me, personally, I am comfortable doing my shopping for my balikbayan contents at the mall, other department stores and other grocery stores.

These time, I am sending two boxes which is 2x the expenses. I am very close of finishing one box and tape it up very soon. The other box is almost full. I think of everybody and buying them something too. Referring to my relatives. I can't afford to have them just watch at my family's balikbayan boxes. It is nice to have their share too. :)

The thing is, buying the boxes alone would already cost me some bucks, add the shipping fee and the money that I put in for buying the goods. I am having headaches with all the expenses... LOL! But as what I had mentioned no one to blame, but me!!!

I loved my family so much.... And that's the reason why I am doing this.. I want them to be happy and experience the products and foods from America! ;P