Friday, April 7, 2017

Sound It Out: Reducing Noise in Your Home

Too much noise in your home can disturb you and stop you from living your life peacefully. Sound can come from outside, such as from a busy road or noisy neighbors. You can also experience lots of noises from inside your home, such as a noisy fan from a computer or a loud appliance. Some of the sounds in your home are just background noise that you can live with harmoniously. However, there are other sounds that you don't want to listen to, or perhaps that you don't want your neighbors to hear. Luckily, you can take some steps to soundproof your home.


Use Sound-absorbing Materials

One of the ways to reduce noise is to use material that will absorb the sounds. It will stop the sound waves bouncing around and echoing. If you find that a lot of the noise in your home comes from daily activities such as walking around, you can make sure there is more in your home to absorb the sound. For example, using rugs or carpets on your floors will help to prevent loud footsteps when you walk or if you happen to drop something. Furniture can help to absorb sound too, and you can also use curtains that help to soundproof your home.

Replace Windows

Windows can be responsible for a lot of the noise that enters your home from outside. Plus, poorly soundproofed windows might let sound from inside your home filter outside too. If you want to change things, new windows can help. For example, some of the windows available in the Milgard Replacement Windows ranges feature enhanced sound control. New windows will not only help to soundproof your home but will give it a makeover too. The interior and exterior of your home will get a new look. And you can ensure that your home is properly insulated to make it warmer and drier too.

Cut Down on Noise

Another way to reduce noise in your home is to think about the things that might be making your home noisy. Many homes have various appliances or electronics that can make a lot of noise and be a disturbance. For example, maybe it's time to replace the washing machine that sounds like it's about to launch like a rocket ship every time you run it. Maybe you need to bleed your radiators to stop the pipes clanging, or you need to think about how loud you turn up your TV when it's on.


You can also take steps to insulate your home, which both blocks out sound from outside and stops people hearing what you do inside. Sometimes you can hear every noise from next door, even if it's just normal, everyday sounds of living. Insulating walls, ceilings and other spaces like under the stairs can improve the situation if you find that you can hear things you shouldn't be able to. It's also a good idea to soundproof well if you play a musical instrument or do anything else that might disturb the neighbors.

Reducing noise in your home can make it a more pleasant place to live. A few changes can make it more soundproof.