Friday, April 7, 2017

Psychic Reading

I was always been a big fan of reading liked palm reading back home and tarot. Here in the US it was hard to find. But when things meant to be discovered it will be on your way or life.

I once almost gave in to a tarot reading online but I was in doubt... As the saying goes, follow and listen to your gut feeling. The charge was $20 but I didn't try it because I prefer and enjoy the actual reading. And to make the story short. I found one location in the area. We passed the placed many times but didn't get the telephone number.

Yesterday, we passed the area again and this time, I was ready. We were in the vehicle, passing by the place. I got the name and the telephone number. Today at work, I mentioned it to my co-worker. 3-4 of us are interested. So, I called the place and gathered information. Her lowest charged is $50 for 1/2 a deck of cards, $75 and $100 for the most expensive service.

Well, we are all in.. Now, were are just waiting for our other friend (pharmacist) for her free schedule. I am off Thursday and so as the other girl. And were all excited! I couldn't believed I am going after being here for 11 years. This is my very first time.... Reading will be 45 minutes.. Exciting at the same time very anxious.. :)