Thursday, April 13, 2017

Don't Snooze On The Mattress Warning Signs

Tried counting sheep?

Started adding drops of lavender essence to your pillow?

Have you been playing white noise in your bedroom?

If you have tried everything to try and improve your sleep without any luck, you are probably about at the end of your tether! Well, there could be one last thing that you haven’t tried yet - a new mattress! In fact, not being able to sleep is one of the main signs that it is time to bin your current mattress and get a new one. Here are some more warning signs that it’s time for an upgrade!

There Are Visible Lumps
Your mattress should be firm and smooth. If there are any visible lumps and bumps in it, it is definitely time to think about getting a new one. These often occur in old ones when the springs start to become loose or have dealt with so much wear and tear, that they are now out of place. If you can also see a groove where you always lie, you should think about changing your mattress. It’s normal that a slight sip should develop, but it shouldn’t be too deep or apparent.


You Wake With Back Pain
An old, lumpy mattress is far from comfortable to sleep on. It could be even more painful in the morning when you wake to find that you have developed back aches and pains. According to ChooseMattress, there are certain types of mattresses that are great at reducing these kinds of aches and pains. So, if you are sick of all the pain in the mornings, it could be worth swapping your old one for one of the more beneficial ones.

You Wake Up Sneezing
Dust gathers almost everywhere in our homes. You’ll know just how quickly it can build up if you have to go around all your rooms and dust every week! But do you remember when the last time you dusted your bed was? You probably won’t have ever done this! No one really does, even though beds are a hotbed for dust and mites. If you find that you start waking up in the middle of the night sneezing, it is probably because your mattress is full of high levels of dust, and could be affecting your allergies. It’s time for a new one!


You’re Getting Older
As we age, our bodies require more and more support at night. If you find that your current mattress no longer gives your back enough support, it’s time to trade it in for a firmer one. If you aren’t sure what to look for, visit your local bed shop to speak to a shop assistant about their various types on offer. Make sure you let them know whether you normally sleep on your back or your side as this will affect your choice of mattress.

So make sure your mattress isn’t bothering you when you should be sleeping. You’ll find that the earlier you change your mattress once you notice these warning signs, the better your sleep will be!