Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Considering Los Angeles California

If you have been to California, lucky you!I never been there yet! Traveling was not really into my mind years ago. Now, all of the sudden, the idea of traveling is hitting me hard. I wanna go everywhere and anywhere. I am very excited and really looking forward of renewing my passport this coming summer. 

My girl's passport needed to be renewed too but not until next year since she is a US born citizen. Renewing her passport is just a matter of going to any post office in the area that offer the service. While my passport, needs to go to Philippine embassy to renew it. What a pain!

Anyway, California was just a California to me and that was before. Now, meeting people from California, hearing people been to California is giving me this urge to visit the place. I want a sunny place, a warm place to stay. On the other hand, I received an offer to have all my expenses paid. All I need to do is to get to the plane and be there in Los Angeles, California. It is indeed one of the places in California that I wanted to see.

The thing is that, the offer came unexpectedly... This event has something to do with a concert. In my job, I need to send my off request ahead of time, a month of time for the possible approval.

So, going to Cali is not possible this time. :( There's always next time.. :)