Friday, April 14, 2017

A Guitar That Comes With A Style

I believed I am lucky for liking my job. When it comes to the customers, some are nice and most of them are pain.. LOL! But anyway, what makes me go to work everyday was my co-workers. I loved the bonding,the talking, the catching up of what happen lately liked what's new and what's not.

Retail store is a fun place to work especially if you are testing yourself when it comes to patience. Joke but it's also for real. Anyway, it is very impressive finding most of my co-workers having two or 3 jobs. And what they're other jobs are.

One of my co-employee does concerts. He has his band and lately, he was invited to be one of the judge. He showed me the photos and once of the guitar was similar to the musiciansfriend jack casady. It was really sleek looking bass guitar.