Thursday, March 9, 2017

Travel Buddy in Canada

Yay! I finally can see the future of having my travel buddy, my cousin in Canada! ;) Its been years since we lost contact to each other. Thanks to social media, Facebook we reconnected and Messenger App.

She is a student and at the same time she is working as a supervisor. A person with strong determination, persistence and highly spirited. Of course, very smart too! We talked through messenger. It was amazing that it felts liked she is not that far away. Free of charge, we can talk and call to each other. Thanks Messenger! :)

Anyway, I'd been wanting to go to Canada but I don't have any relatives nor friends from there. So, to know about my cousin was a bliss! Getting a US visa is in her plan. She wants to come to the US- indeed, this coming December, she'll be in Las Vegas for school.

Oh geeez! I loved to travel but I need a travel buddy. This cousin of mine is a big traveler and explorer. So, I'm over to the moon to reconnected with her... Time to start saving money. I guess, Canada will be my stop first. :)