Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Simple Skincare Rules For Acne Sufferers

Simple Skincare Rules For Acne Sufferers

Our skin is the largest organ of our body. It roughly covers and area of 20 square feet and acts as a barrier between us and the outside world. Not only does our skin protect us from the elements, it also regulates our body temperature. So it’s clear that the skin is a hugely important part of our bodies. Not to mention it’s the first thing many people notice when they meet us. If you have troublesome skin read these tips and tricks for keeping it looking fresh and glowing…

Spots are caused by a number of different factors, and it can be quite difficult to pinpoint the exact cause. From our diet to our skincare routine a whole range of things could be causing your flare-ups. A good idea is to keep a skin diary. Make a note of when you notice your blemishes worsening and see if you ate anything, drank anything, used any particular products on that day.

Hormone disruption is the main cause of adult acne. Many of us believe that acne won’t persist beyond our teens, and we’re often surprised to develop it as adults. All kinds of things can disrupt our hormone levels, from stress to the contraceptive pill, to getting our period. If you notice any of these factors affecting your spots, hormone disruption could be to blame! Basically, when our hormones become disrupted the sebaceous gland is stimulated and produces sebum. Sebum isn’t a bad thing. Normal sebum levels help to keep our skin lubricated and soft. When we produce excess sebum, however, this waxy substance can mix with dirt and bacteria, blocking pores and forming spots.

Speak to a pharmacist or doctor if you think your hormones could be causing acne. Canada pharmacy online has some good information about anti-inflammatory treatments which could help. Alternatively, ask your doctor if you can switch to another form of birth control.

Our diets can also affect our skin. What we eat and drink has a direct impact on our overall health, and this includes skin health. Dehydration often displays itself as small pimples on the forehead, underneath the skin. The pimples are sometimes a sign that you need to be drinking more water. Similarly keeping hydrated will get rid of any dullness our skin might be experiencing. Eating dairy can also be a trigger for spots. Eating dairy is also ingesting hormones. And for the reasons described above, this can lead to more spots.

If you do have acne, make sure you’re diet is full of fruits and vegetables. These have essential vitamins and minerals which will act as antioxidants and can help to clear up the skin.

Acne sufferers should always look for products which are hypoallergenic. These products are free of any ingredients which could cause an allergic reaction. Where possible, opt for formulas which contain acne-friendly ingredients. Salicylic acid, niacinamide, and benzoyl peroxide are all great for clearing up spots. Moisturizing is also important. Chose a water-based rather than oily moisturizer, this will nourish skin without clogging pores. For similar reasons avoid putting greasy hair, or hair with too many products near your skin. These could also block pores and create new spots, or irritate inflamed skin.