Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Love is Pain- Revenge is Sweet!

Why do we need to fall in love and get hurt at the end? Why can't two people with the same feeling meet and end up together happily? Love is the most wonderful feeling but also can be the worst feeling that could lead some people into insanity...

If only people can help people when  it comes to love problem, it will be nice! It sucks when you hear or learn that your cousin was in love and the relationship failed. Suck because I knew how that feels.

I am happy to hear that my cousin is kind of moving on now from  his unsuccessful relationship. He was broken but finally got the courage to say " I'll wait for the right person to come!" ;)

Right now, he is focusing in his study and hopefully will do good and won't do any detour. LOL! He is finishing up college. Good luck to him and good luck to all of us!!!! ;)

I am proud of my cousin for having a positive thoughts despite of the pain that he had experienced- for me, I will never let it go that easy! Won't play as a loser. I will play even... Revenge is sweet in any shape and forms. ;)