Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Easy Steps For An Authentic Travel Experience

For most people, especially people who would classify themselves as young professions, the point of traveling isn’t to spend a couple of weeks cooped up in a holiday park in a foreign country. Instead, it’s to actually experience life as it is in that country and broaden your horizons.

The cool thing is that science actually suggests that having an authentic experience makes the whole holiday a lot more enjoyable and memorable. It’s not clinical and controlled: it’s raw and uninhibited.

The question, however, is: what can the average person do to make their experiences more authentic? Take a look at some of these cool ideas.

Take An Interest In Other People
What makes a holiday special? Is it the stuff you do? Or is it the people you meet? Most people would agree that it is the latter. Sharing an experience is always better than having one alone, especially if those people are from the indigenous culture.

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Try to find a bunch of people in social places and fire up a conversation. Find out what they do for fun and get involved, even if it’s just having a party on the beach.

Also, investigate homestay accommodation in your travel destination. This is another great way to meet people who like tourists and can introduce you to more people in the local area.

Eat Where The Locals Eat
As you’re exploring a new area, keep your eyes peeled to see where the locals like to eat. Often you’ll find two types of restaurants and take out joints in tourist hotspots: those that are targeted at the tourists and those which are known by the locals. If you can, always go to the restaurants that serve the locals as the food here will be more authentic and immersive. Also, look out for street food, as in many cultures, street food is the best window into what the locals eat.

According to Jodi Ettenberg, the author of The Food Traveler’s Handbook, street food is often highly affordable and very fresh. If you’ve got kids travelling with you, street vendors are a great place to pick up a quick, hearty meal.

Read Up On The Local Customs
Every part of the world has its customs. In Thailand, for instance, it’s considered rude to point your feet at somebody. In India, pointing with your left hand is also considered to be rude. These are minor details that you ordinarily wouldn’t think about, but they can be important when trying to grease the wheels of new relationships. For an authentic experience, traveling the local customs as well as the words for “please” and “thank you.”

Don’t Forget, We’re All Human
Going to a foreign culture might sometimes feel like going to an alien planet. But underneath all the accidents of culture are people with the same feelings and instincts as you. Yes, they may appear very different on the surface, but they are, in fact, very similar indeed. Authentic travel often means seeing past the culture differences and realizing that we’re all just living, breathing people motivated by a set of universal emotions and values.