Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Dangers Of Drinking Too Much

Head out on a Friday or Saturday night, and you will see most people with an alcoholic drink in their hand, nursing it while they chat to their friends about the week that they have had. There’s nothing wrong with going out for a drink, or even having the odd drink or two at home after a hectic day at work, but when too much alcohol begins to be consumed, this is when problems occur.

It’s okay to have one too many drinks every so often - we all do it. However, when someone is having one too many drinks on a regular basis, this is a red flag that there is a problem. Drinking too much comes with many dangers, which is why it’s so important that we understand what a ‘safe’ amount of alcohol is to drink and monitor our drinking habits. Want to know what makes drinking too much so dangerous - then keep reading below.

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Physical health problems
When the recommended weekly alcohol intake is exceeded, it can have a negative impact on your health. This is especially true when it’s exceeded on a regular basis, as drinking excessive amounts of alcohol over a long period of time can slowly damage the body. Studies have shown that after 10 to 20 years of regular drinking in excess, your chances of developing a range of health conditions significantly increase. These include various cancers, heart disease, liver disease, stroke, and damage to the nervous system.

Another danger that comes from drinking too much alcohol on a regular basis is addiction. When you drink a lot of alcohol on a regular basis, your body begins to become dependent on it. When this happens, you can start to become dependant on alcohol and develop an addiction. The most important thing when it comes to addiction is undergoing quality addiction treatment, to ensure that you beat it and are able to move on with your life. The key signs and symptoms of addiction are feeling like you need alcohol to get through the day and sweating, shaking and feeling unwell if you don’t have it.

Mental health problems
Last but not least, when you drink large amounts of alcohol on a regular basis, it can lead to you being more prone to mental health problems. Various studies have identified a link between alcohol and anxiety, depression, and psychosis. Alcohol can temporarily boost our mental health, making us feel happier and more content. However, long-term use can cause major mental health problems, affecting your thoughts, feelings, and actions. The reason that this happens is because alcohol causes a chemical reaction within the brain, changing how our neuroreceptors work.

So, there you have it, some of the more serious dangers of drinking large amount of alcohol on a regular basis. While it’s perfectly fine to have a few drinks every now and then, you need to ensure that you monitor your drinking habits and don’t overdo it with the alcohol, else the repercussions could be serious.