Thursday, February 16, 2017

Pearl Earrings and Ring Set

Yep, yep! Confession time!!!! LOL! Obviously, I have a problem concerning to my shopping spree. I proclaimed to be addicted in shopping both online and offline stores. :( Name it, I loved to shop in everything. :(

Jewelry?! One of my weakness. But, owning a set of Pearl earrings and ring is what I don't have. When I was browsing online, I saw the pearl earrings and the ring set. I fell in love of course and was irresistible. 

So here I am, bought a set despite of saving money for our vacation. I knew it is not urgently needed. It is not something needed, it was my "WANT"! :( It's very hard for me to say refuse when I see something nice. :( Why, oh why, oh why?!