Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Our Baby Turn Five

That's right! February 13th when our baby boy turned five years old. It is always a bitter sweet to see and witness the changes in him. I am thankful that he can do things on his own and know what he wants and does not. Thanks GOD he is a perfect boy! :)

I misses those days where he was tiny and helpless. Helpless in a way that he would asked mom for everything. Now, he would do what he feels liked doing. :( My baby! 

Anyway, we ordered ice cream cake for him with two flavors (peanut butter and oreo) blizzard. As always big cake for the four of us. Yum! I cooked spaghetti, Filipino believed on spaghetti or noodles as sign of prolonging lives. Bought gifts for him and that was it.

It turned out to be a great birthday celebration despite of us just the four of us. :)

Anyway, cake had dinosaur design, toys are dinosaur and he was wearing a shirt with dinosaur on it. He loves dinosaur!!! :)