Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Mexican Restaurant On Valentines Day

This is really not new to us, the Mexican restaurant that we visited today! :) I felt very lucky and very special for we were able to celebrate our first Valentines day ever. We had been dating for a couple years now but due to our schedule, this year is the best year so far. As the saying goes " don't expect too much" it's better not to plan and just let things happen on its own.

We went to this Mexican restaurant before and our waiter was very warm and friendly. He's gay and was funny. We liked him so much.. :) He mentioned that he was going to California and we thought he was going to leave by March or April. We both agreed to see him today and celebrate our Valentines day too. :)

Our waiter was there and we got our favorite table/seats too! :) I had the grande size of margarita that comes with baby corona bottle in it. While my partner got his Corona, he likes it. :) And , we got this free chips that they offered. We ordered hot wings too!

It was a  nice and memorable date with lots of chatting.... I felt sad for those who are single.. Your time will come.. Just wait and be patient. Our waiter said that it sucks, he is single on this Valentines day! :(