Thursday, February 9, 2017

Lip Balm Matter For Healthy Lips

I am liked many women and men out there with the same problem. I started encountering the dryness, cracking on my skin, lips and skin when I got here due to the changes of season. 

We lived in the state where weather changes 4 times meaning we have 4 seasons spring, summer, fall and winter. Summer is fine, my skin is nice and not dry. When fall starts, that's when my dryness kicks in towards spring season. 

Remembering before, my lips would cracked so badly and led into bleeding, it hurts! No wonder my husband had always his chapsticks. He applied as many time as he could. I was not a lip balm fan before but with what my lips were experiencing I became notorious in searching for the best lip balm from high ends to the lowest. I was obsessed. 

Then, I came across to the coconut organic lip balm, it was not super duper expensive but it is not super cheap too. It works fine but still not very satisfied.

One day, I went to a different store and discovered this Palmers lip balm, I bought one and so far, it works good. I hope this is the one, this is the answer. My lips feel soft though. :)