Thursday, February 9, 2017

Health Insurance and Deductibles

January was the beginning of New Year. In most cases, it is not really a major problem but, when it comes to health insurance, this is the year where people are getting their new insurance cards from their provider. Also, the biggest thing is when their deductibles start to kick in.

Both ends, it is very stressful for us (pharmacy people and customers, insurance holders) Every time we check out customers  they would get surprised with their co-pay because it was too high from the past, what happened, I/we have insurance and go on and on and on.

Health insurances won't cover all the prescriptions especially when the prescription is very expensive. Most cases, they cover 100% when it is cheap but not too cheap! Business is business, insurances does not care.

Me, personally does not have an insurance because I just don't like paying every month but that's me. I am taking my own risk. I am not totally against about getting or securing a health insurance because it is very helpful when it comes to major health problems and m when those who are insured needed to go through any surgery procedure. Insurance helps out..