Thursday, February 2, 2017

Fostering Or Adopting A Child

Ever since I learnt about fostering a child, my interest and curiosity really stuck in my brain. I always have the desire of adopting a child. I am a mother of two beautiful kids. I think the reason behind this is, because I always wanted to have four kids. 

In reality, I am done, were done of having more kids. The only way to fulfill my dreams is to either foster or adopt a kid or kids. :)

Earlier, I was watching a television and there was a commercial about how to foster or adopt a kid(s) I wrote down the website. I knew it will take time, years for me to qualified. It is not easy as we need to be able to provide shelters and foods for the future foster kid. GOD knows, it's all up to him..:)

I am sure my kids will love the idea of adding member into our family.