Thursday, February 9, 2017

Cash Back From Ebates

I liked shopping on eBay and was been doing it for many years now. I would say 10 years that's how dedicated I am. LOL! Me and my husband shop on eBay. He has his own account while I have my own separate account too. I don't liked joint account idea. Ha, ha! There is no freedom, my own view.

Anyway, my friend had encouraged me to become a seller on eBay which I did for a very short time. I was not making money. It was a waste of my time. I think I was born to be a shopper and not to be a seller. LOL- my friend loved selling stuffs on eBay and she was doing very well. I guess she stop being a seller now. What happened is I have no idea. :(

Anyway, there is a place called ebates. I registered and I have to make it sure that my ebates and my eBay are link together to qualify for the cash reward. It depends of how much you paid for the item.

Guess what?! I received another payment. It was not big but at least I was not expecting to have this extra money. Thanks ebates and for sure, ebates is 100% real and it pays! :)