Monday, February 6, 2017

Are You Ready For Valentines Day?!

Are You Ready For Valentines Day?! Ask  me that question and I would say NO! LOL! Now, that I am married and no longer a teenager I don't feel that much of excitement anymore about holidays especially Valentines day! I know that it is not only for young couples but for everyone.

I guess I'm just not that romantic liked other ladies or wives out there. Oh well, I can greet my husband and that will be sweeter than chocolate plus won't cost anything. LOL!

On the other hand, this year is set for saving money... I need to be serious and focus of saving money for our future vacation next summer.

For people,couples, lovers out there, good luck. Enjoy the "Heart Day" love you partner, wife, husband not just on Valentines day but everyday! :) Get them the best gift(s)! :)