Thursday, February 23, 2017

Another Credit Card Approved

Okay... So here I am applying for another credit card. Sigh! Anyway, to begin with, I had two credit cards, one from Merrick Bank and the other one was from Credit One. With Merrick Bank, I had a good start and zero annual fee which is really good. I will keep it forever. While the Credit One, they have the annual fee which I am planning of paying them off and stop that account.

I knew that too much credit cards won't be good to your credit. But, I want something that's coming from a big name company. My credit score is not that high yet since I just started building my credit last year. With my performance paying my bills on time I am doing good. I received an offer from  Capital One where there's no annual fee.

I applied and within 60 seconds, I got approved! Yes, I am happy for this card.Will pay off my Credit One and keep my two, Merrick and Capital cards for good, long terms. :)