Sunday, January 29, 2017

Trumpet Lesson

Growing up I never got a chanced of playing any musical instruments. My parents could not simply afford it. I remembered only kids from well off families got the chance to played any typed of musical instruments in school or in private lessons. 

Now, I am a mother and I want my kids to play any instruments that they are interested to get themselves involved. My kids are fortunate for I/we can afford to support their wants.

Our girl who's 9 years old, 4th grader finally decided that she wants to play Trumpet- I was very happy and got her a new trumpet since it was her demand to have a new one. I agree with her since it is an instrument and don't want her to be using a used one.

Right now, I am paying every month for her trumpet. It is expensive but I loved my girl. I never thought checking different site for I am worried to get scam... I guess I was too skeptical. I knew someone got a great deal online.