Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Retinol Cream

Discovering Puritan's Pride was an accident. I was been looking for Zinc for acne and came across to this website. I would say, I am happy with the result. I got 3 bottles and now almost done with the 2nd bottle. Will I buy more? Of course, and will continue taling it. Prevention is better than cure and the cost was not bad.

Now, I bought a retinol cream from this leading company. According to its ad "results will be noticeable in a week" that was $19.99 for a small bottle and only lasted for 2 weeks. It was all gone and not really happy nor satisfied.

I( received an e-mail from Puritan and this is what the e-mail was about. I read the reviews and it was convincing. The price was not bad, I'll give this a try.