Sunday, January 29, 2017

Job Evaluation

Early this month, our manager did our evaluation based from our performance. I have been in the pharmacy for over a year now and still I am enjoying it. I had no regret leaving the old department that I was working before. I am someone who gets tired easily of the environment. I was to be constantly working and moving. Idling is not my kind when I could not understand why others are loving it.

Pharmacy is the place for me. We are always busy from filling prescriptions, bagging prescriptions, answering phone calls, checking out customers and etc. Anyway, being there for that long, I had gone a long way. I learnt different things. I am getting really good to my choirs or tasks?! ;)

When our manager mentioned about evaluation, I was not worried about it. I knew myself, my performance. It was my turned. I had to held myself back and tried to be serious. My manager had nothing against me. LOL! It was all good and all positive! I was very proud of myself because he had no complaints. I loved my pharmacy! I loved my job and I had the fun!!! :P