Sunday, January 29, 2017

Blogger Forever

Few years ago, computer was my means of living! A big thanks to my Aunts friend who introduce and helped me out in the blogging world... Money was really good and very easy. I was not one of those high earners but I was satisfied of how much I was making back then.I was able to support my family back home specially mom's medication every month.

The worst part came that all bloggers were scared off! The numbers of opportunities started declining to the point that I had the hard time supporting my mom. My boy was so little that I could not leave him, husband was in the middle of processing his retirement and etc. The time was not right for getting the real job.

In short I was struggling for I had expenses to pay such as renewing domains and not having enough income. Finally, I got a job and left blogging for good. But, GOD is good! If he wants you to do something because that thing will be useful to you in the future, he will insist ans find the way. That was exactly had happened to me.

This particular blogging place was kept bugging me abut renewing my password. I thought that I am done as a blogger. I got tired and gave it a shot, renewed my password and here I am again, blogging!!! :)

Thanks GOD!!!  :)