Monday, November 14, 2016

Christmas Gift Ideas

We can't deny the fact that December is approaching so fast. As I am typing here, I can't believed that we will be halfway of the month tomorrow. Time really fly so fast without being notice intensely. I don't pay that much attention anymore on dates. I just work and pay attention to the time I will be done. LOL!

Anyway, as I was having my break few days ago, there were coupons and magazines on the tables. I was checking out those magazines and noticed this FIVE BELOW. We are aware of where the location is, saw the store before but never expect that the title of the store was referring to its prices. It seems liked it was referring to the degrees, temperature. :)

Anyway, I was off yesterday so I decided to take my family into shopping spree!!!! ;) Yes, shopping from one store to another store. Of course, my kids won't leave the store without their store "TOYS" they grabbed toys in every store we visits. My card was screaming.. LOL!

So, one of the stores was the five below. It was nice, so many games and stuffs to choose from. My husband was thinking of going back there to buy some great finds. Also, it is a nice and perfect place to buy gifts if you are on a budget. My kids unfortunately, they have their wants that are not available in the five below store. Just liked my girl, she wants the new Pokemon games, mine crafts and etc. :(

My boy wants dinosaurs that do this and do that... :(