Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Work Dress Code and Proper Management

Proper management is very important at work for all employees to be in one direction. One of the most common struggling problem that needs to be corrected is the "DRESS CODE" we wear navy blue polo shirt men and women and plain. When it comes to the pants, khaki or black pants. 

 have no problem following the dress code, I am fine and I am wearing what I was told during the orientation and shoes, should be close, sneaker type for easy walking and comfort since we are all standing and walking during our shifts.

I noticed some employees are not wearing the dress codes and was not being told about it or worst got fired for not following. I felt bad for some of my friends (co-employee) for being noticed and forced to buy the right top. 

This is not fair as many are not following but only few were chosen to forced to changed or sent home. As I was going to clock out I saw one of my co-worker wearing WHITE pants! And he was not in trouble?! Where's the proper management? While my other co-worker was wearing a black jeans and got noticed. Geez!

If only management will implement a universal rule when it comes to uniforms and be fair to everyone it will be nice and helpful. Plus, it will look more professional to the eyes of the customers.