Monday, October 3, 2016

Top Items Every Busy Mom Needs In Their Wardrobe!

Once you become a mom, shopping can often go out the window. You just need a few staple pieces that you can easily choose from every day. And although style is important, you often have to think about the practicality and function of the item before you buy it. Therefore, here are some top items every busy mom needs in their wardrobe!

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A coat with lots of pockets
It’s so important that you have a great coat that you can throw on when you head for the school run. For one thing, it will keep you warm during those cold winter mornings when it’s pouring down with rain. Additionally, a large coat will hide the clothes underneath and can help you to look stylish without trying too hard! When you are hunting down the perfect coat, you need to make sure you choose something with a lot of pockets. That way, you can keep essential items such as tissues and plasters close by for the kids. Also, they are bound to pass you things they don’t want to carry anymore which you can place in the pockets!

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A pair of comfortable shoes
When you are busy with the kids, you have to walk long distances and even run to catch them when they are playing up. Therefore, it’s so important that you have a pair of comfortable shoes which will keep your tootsies comfortable. You don’t want to end up getting home and then find you have blisters after a long day. Therefore, you need to choose a good quality pair of shoes which will keep your feet comfortable. You might want to buy some orthopedic shoes which won’t hurt your feet while keeping them looking stylish.

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A perfect pair of jeans
You should also be picking out a great pair of jeans for your everyday wardrobe. They are ideal to put on when you are heading out for a playdate or taking the kids to school. As this article says, go for a dark wash denim which will flatter your figure. It will also hide any stains that occur at the breakfast table!

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Well-fitted underwear
There’s nothing that can hide that muffin top as good as some well-fitted underwear! Therefore, every busy mom needs a good set in their wardrobe which will ensure body worries are eliminated. It will also keep your body comfortable during a long day! After all, there’s nothing worse than an uncomfortable bra that you need to keep adjusting during the day!

A large handbag
You can never have a large enough bag when you are a mom. From spare clothing to toys, everything needs to go in the bag! Therefore, make sure you choose a large stylish bag which will look great on your arm when you head for the school run! And will have plenty of room for all the essentials when you are out and about with the kids. Choose a versatile color which will work well with the rest of your wardrobe.

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Every busy mom needs a formal dress in their closet for date night. It will also come in useful when you are invited to a friend’s party or have to attend a meeting at school.