Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Sales Inventory Through Out The Store

Yesterday was a big event in the store which I was feeling lucky for I was no longer part of the floor sales associates. I started my day late yesterday and saw my co-employee standing by the entrance door and was surprised to see her there. 

She works over the counter pharmacy, she told me that due to the inventory they are not allowed to touch the items and etc. so, she was asked to do the door greeter job yesterday. I was glad she survived! :) That lasted her whole shift, 8 hrs. :(

Though same thing in the pharmacy where I belong but I am not working outside the pharmacy. We received the orders but due to the inventory we cannot touch or do anything about it. Before the end shifts around 8pm we decided to put the orders away which gave us something to be busy. :)

Now, inventory is over!!!! That is a good feeling! Hopefully we got positive results for all departments sales. :)