Monday, October 3, 2016

Paypal Provisional Credit

I never thought that there is a thing such as provisional credit not until I experienced it from Paypal- this is a mess! I called Paypal about the charged that was charged to my account. I don't blamed them though... I think that, the store's reader had the problem itself back that time.

I received the provisional credit which I cannot do anything about it, it is not in my account balance, all I can do is to stare at it. This is getting complicated. I have to wait until the store response to the dispute. Ninety days of waiting is a big JOKE for the said amount.That is the maximum.

As I was thinking and figuring out for the best action to take, I concluded of printing all the papers that showed everything about Paypal and etc. I also had my receipt saved for that showed that I used my credit card and not my Paypal debit card.

The store is not that far which is a good thing. I will go there and solve this problem with the store manager.