Monday, October 10, 2016

I Miss You Philippines

I already have the plan of coming back home with my kids and husband on 2018. GOD knows how much I was looking forward for this trip. Anyway, I am fine and excited saving the money for our international trip.

One of our customer really moved me when he asked if I missed my country?! That hit me the reality and made me sad.. :( Right there and then, I wanna go home and see my family.

Oh well, 2 years is not that long. We will make it and we will see my family. The picture above is just one of the Philippines 7 wonders those are the Chocolate Hills. They are not edible. :)

I was actually been in that location back in 2001. I hope I can go back with my family, showed the beauty of those hills to them. That was in Bohol, amazing!