Monday, October 10, 2016

Halloween Decoration On The Porch

Since I got here I never got a chance of decorating our front porch in a fancy way. Back then, I was a stayed at home mom making little money though now, I am still not making a lot of money but, my financial status really changed. I worked full time that give me stable salary every 2 weeks. :)

I have the freedom of buying what I want. Tonight, I came home with hay straw, another pot of mum flowers with combo colors and a big pumpkin. I already purchased one dark colored mum before. I have two different pots/colored mums on the front porch.

Happy that I have the decoration for Halloween for the very first time my way! :) A little fancy. :) I will get more decoration for the Halloween like a scare crow and etc. that I will spot in the store tomorrow. :)

How about you?! Are yo a big fan of Halloween? I am not that crazy about Halloween but I love the straws, the mum, the pumpkins and the scares crow thingy. :)