Monday, October 10, 2016

Giving Up Smoking? Why Vaping Might Be Your Ticket To Freedom

A woman sits holding a small electronic device. She presses a button on the top, inhales, and then exhales a puff of smoke. It swirls around her, dancing in the air - but question her about it, and she will say it is safe. This boggles the mind to a world raised to believe that clouds of smoke are a bad thing - welcome to the startling world of vaping.

E-cigarettes were invented in 2003 by a Chinese scientist named Hon Lik. Since then - and particularly in recent years - they have gone from bizarre sideshow to mainstream. Some of the world's most famous people, including Leonardo DiCaprio and Gary Oldman - have adopted the habit. From the outside, vaping can appear to be mystifying. So what's going on?

1. Vaping Is Not Smoking
There is an oft-cited way of looking at the difference between cigarettes and vaping. If a smoker inhales from a cigarette and exhales onto a tissue, it will turn yellow. If a vaper does the same thing, the tissue remains clear. This is a quick, easy way of showing the difference in the chemicals contained in vaping - and why it's thought to be safer.

2. It Is Safe, But More Studies Are Needed
With vaping being a relatively recent addition to modern life, its long-term impacts have not been studied. The general recommendation thus far is that someone who does not smoke should not vape. However, for smokers, switching to vaping has many health benefits. It falls somewhere between non-smoking and smoking on a health scale; it's far better than one, but not as good as the former. If you’re dealing with nicotine addiction, they’re a useful halfway house.

3. It Helps People Quit Tobacco
Nicotine is not the only problem in tobacco smoke. The health consequences tend to be related to tar and other chemical nasties found inside. By comparison, e-cigarette smoke is much "cleaner." Yet it has a similar process to smoking, with the same hand-to-mouth action and nicotine "throat hit." As a result, millions of former smokers say they would never have quit without vaping.

4. There Is No Known Risk of Second Hand Vape
Second-hand smoking is a huge problem and has been attributed to a staggering amount of deaths worldwide. At the point of writing, there is little evidence that second-hand vapor has the same impact. Evidence - - suggests a night-and-day difference between the two,

5. E-cigarettes Are Not Complicated
An e-cigarette is a whole name for a device of two parts. It contains a battery, which can vary in size and strength and a clearomizer. Sometimes an atomizer is used, but this is less attractive as clearomizers improve. The clearomizer contains e-liquid, which is made from a nicotine solution and a benign chemical such as propylene glycol.
When heated, this produces a vapour, which is inhaled as with a cigarette. Check if you want to know more, but rest assured it is easily understood.

6. It's Under Attack
As with any innovation, there are attacks on the new from the old who used to hold the monopoly. So-called "big tobacco" are launching challenges to e-cigarettes all over the world. While vaping - and its benefits - is unlikely to die out forever, the battle is not yet entirely won.