Monday, October 10, 2016

Corn Maze and Apple Picking

Yesterday I was off from work. I was already planning of taking the kids to the Harner's Farm- it was actually our first time to experienced their Corn Maze and the Apple picking. I was not very impressed with the Corn Maze, the fee was super expensive $5.00 for adult and $4.00 for kids. I have a 9 years old and a 4 years old but I paid $4.00 each. Anyway, that was expensive I think.

Next year, we are not going to do the corn maze, we are going to do the apple picking. Back to apple picking, we did picked some apples that we ended to 5 pounds. My girl got a Venus fly trap plants and I got sweet corn which was 6 ears for $4.00- corn was expensive but it was worth the price as it was fresh, sweet and juicy. The apples were good too.

Anyway, I was doing it for the sake of my kids. I want them to have the experienced. They enjoyed the place. So many students and was crowded. :)