Thursday, October 6, 2016

Another Baby Will Be Added To The Family

My sister in law will have her 3rd baby sometime next month... My sister already gave her 2 boxes of Pampers diapers in any sizes. While I am getting some of my stuff ready here for the baby sending it through Priority mail, that way, it will be on time.

I was been shopping and accumulated baby stuffs for my nephew. :) I felt liked it is my baby. LOL! Anyway, thanks GOD for the baby boy since boys really not that many in our family, girls dominates. :)

I don't have a big family so every  baby/member that will be added to our family is a blessing and a treasure. I have a brother and a sister and that's it! I have a daughter and a son and I am done.. My sister is still single. My brother is going to have 3 kids. 

Therefore, our parents will only have 5 grand kids so far. Praying and hoping that my sister will find that man and will start building her empire. :) She is at the right age for settling down. Stable job and not too young anymore.