Sunday, September 11, 2016

Women Shelter To The Rescue

I heard a lot about Women Shelter from different sources but never been to any of it. I knew it rescued women from their abusive husbands, it changed their lives, give them a future. A friend of mine was physically, verbally, sexually and mentally abused by her husband was needing help. I am a typical working mom with full time job, two kids and have a husband, I don't drive. In short, I have a  demanding lifestyle. Time is very budgeted or limited.

This friend of mine that I only known from the place where I worked, as they always go there to picked up her husband's prescription- I never been to their house though there was a planned before but due to the weather that did not happened.

The couple always came to my work placed happy especially my friend wearing a smile all the time, made me think she was happily married. Then I message her if it was okay to visit them, she said it was fine but 2 days before the date, she message me 'bout cancelling it. Fine!

From there, she starts calling me regardless of hours. It could be early as 7 in the morning. She was telling by updating me about their situation as a couple. Her husband was abusing her as she told me. It was getting worser and worser to the point that I suggested her to moved, find a shelter. She doesn't drive either. GOD always moved in mysterious ways. I was relieved when she said she had some cash. I gave her taxis contact number, she found one. She came to our house. We called the shelter and took her there.

Two days after she showed up to my work placed very happy, shopping for some stuffs as she got a job! I thank GOD for using me to saved her life. She never been back home for 23 years, her husband was controlling her and don't want her to visit her country.

Now, she is heading to a straight path as long as she would never look back and go back to her husband. Thanks to places liked Women Shelter for adopting those women and for giving them a second chance to live and to shine.