Friday, September 30, 2016

These Simple Changes Could Stop Your Home Hurting Your Wallet And The Environment

Houses that are expensive to run can often be difficult to heat and keep cool. Not only are they pinching your wallet, but they could also be harming the environment. More and more of us are struggling to cover rising energy costs, particularly at home. But there are several ways you can cut those bills right down to size. And when you spend less, chances are your home is doing less damage to the environment too.

One of the biggest costs we face each year is the energy cost for heating. More and more people struggle to stay warm because it is simply too expensive to turn the heating on. There are many reasons why you might be feeling cold at home this winter. One of the biggest causes of a chill in the air is draughty windows. When cooled air moves past our skin, it can make us feel cold. Check your window seals. They should be air tight all around the frame and around the window sill area.

Thermal lined curtains will stop any draughts from getting into the room from the windows. Draught excluding strips around the gaps will also reduce the heat lost. These things cost very little, and may even make their money back in saved heating costs. But if your heating system isn’t energy efficient, you may still be suffering huge bills. If your boiler or radiators haven’t been upgraded recently, you may want to consider a replacement system.

When you look at websites like you’ll see there are plenty of options. You don’t have to stick with what you’ve got. Depending on your area, you may find a different fuel and delivery option could save your hundreds of dollars each year. Most importantly, the extra efficiency will mean they use less fuel, reducing the impact on the environment.

Of course, if all your lovely heat is escaping through the roof, you’ll still be feeling the chill! Make sure your roof spaces are fully insulated. Even the cavity space in your walls can be insulated in some cases. And don’t forget the floor. Heated air will rise, but the cooler air beneath you could rush in to take its place. Have a look at websites like to see how this works.

The appliances in your home could also be contributing to higher electricity costs. If you don’t have solar panels, old style appliances will certainly drain your energy budget. When you replace something like your dishwasher or electric oven, choose a new one that is rated as energy efficient. This means it uses less electricity and will cost substantially less to run. Take extra care of your appliances so they can continue to run efficiently and cost effectively. Simple things like cleaning them regularly will help here.

Some homeowners find their water bills have become quite high lately. If you pay a lot for water, there are some things you can do. Use eco-flush toilet systems and button taps to reduce your usage. Quick showers are also cheaper to have than a full bath. You could also harvest rainwater in a butt or tank to keep your garden looking good. How will you save money today?