Friday, September 30, 2016

The Positive Steps That Can Be Taken To Combat Your Addiction


Addiction is a word used more commonly amongst conversations of today. It can be so easily said for many things.

“I am addicted to the gym”
“I am addicted to chocolate”

But what about the use of the word in a more serious manner. The thing is, many people have something called an addictive personality. However, being addicted to something like chocolate is very different to being addicted to a substance. It’s all about the behaviour. It important that people differentiate between the habit and what is a behaviour. This is one of the ways many people can identify as to having a problem, or perhaps identify it in a close friend or family member. There’s also a responsibility to understand whether such addiction is harmful to your health, or whether it can be completely harmless. In most cases an addictive behaviour is going to have some long term effects, be that on your health or just life in general. Which is why I thought it would be worth looking at some of the positive steps that can be taken to help combat an addiction that is damaging for good. I hope it inspires you or provides you with the tools to help someone else. I’m by no means a medical professional, but my hope is that will highlight many of the options that are available.

Sometime an addictive behaviour stems from something mentally. For that, counselling can help tremendously. Some people may find that there is a trigger to kick start the behaviour or habit. So if, for example, you had a stressful day, that could be a trigger to partake in such behaviour. Maybe it get’s to the point where you can’t go out or socialise without triggering this need you have. Counselling, through methods like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and talking, could help pinpoint what those triggers are. Once you are aware you can take positive steps to turn things around. Many programmes include a combination or counselling alongside other methods. Speaking to your doctor about your issues is often the first positive step anyone can make.

Detox programs
There are also some Detox plans that you can consider. These will enable you to cleanse your body, quickly and effectively and enable you to start with a clean slate on dealing with your addictive behaviour. There is plenty of information online, and through your local doctor's office if you would like more information.

Finally, If you are a proactive person, then self help books and literature online could be a great way to combat your addiction. It does, however, require a lot of will power and you may need support from friends and family. Thankfully, not only are there books but you can enrol on e-courses where you can work through programmes at your own pace. You may also want to consider attending support groups. Often being close with people who understand can help you come to terms with your situation.

I hope this has shined a light on what can be a tough subject to discuss.