Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Keys To Ageing Actively For A Long And Healthy Retirement

Let's be honest, there are more than a few of us around who look into the future and see retirement as some golden finish line. We spend a lot of time working, and we enjoy the trappings of what we earn. We put aside money for our retirement and tell ourselves that then we can stop. Work for forty, fifty years and then we're done. Okay, it's an exaggeration to say we see ourselves just sitting still for the rest of our lives, but it's not a huge one.

The truth, if you know or speak to many retired people, is that retirement is not like that and they don't want that anyway. As you get closer to the day when you can retire, it is normal to look to what you will do. Sure, you can sleep in a bit longer. But if you have the time to experiment with that, try it for a week. Only get out of bed when you need to eat. By day four you'll be miserable - staying active is key to staying happy.

Preparing For Retirement - What Does The Future Hold?

The fact that you may no longer work full time for an employer - or running your own business - is one thing. But it doesn't mean you completely stop. You may still work on a reduced basis, or run a small business from home. You may decide to travel, or even emigrate to somewhere more peaceful. Whatever the case, it's beneficial to have a plan. Finding yourself at a loose end can be a real negative.

Physical Ageing Is Inevitable, But How You Age Is In Your Hands

We see ads all the time that talk about "reversing the ageing process". This is, like a lot of advertising speak, a lie. You can't reverse the ageing process. What you can do is limit its effects. If you go for regular walks, get a hobby and maintain a healthy diet, there's no reason you need to be struggling to stand up for some time yet. Even if you start to feel stiffer and more impaired, physical therapy can make a big difference.

Young At Heart? Better To Be Young In Mind.
When you see an older person acting in a way that seems less than mature, the phrase "young at heart" may occur to you. Along with some unkinder phrases. However, acting a bit younger isn't a bad thing at all.

Staying aware of current trends, keeping up with technology and having younger friends are good ways to keep fresh. An active mind feeds an active body and vice versa. It's for this reason that grandparents like to, and always should, spend a lot of time with grandkids.

In this day and age - where, whatever you think of them, the Presidential candidates are 69 and 70 - old age doesn't mean disappearing. What it can mean is a new lease of life. You've got lots of life experience and an incentive to put it to use. You've got some living left to do!