Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Future Is Robot. Are You Ready?

We’ve read the sci-fi books and seen the blockbuster Hollywood movies where robots are integrated into our everyday lives. But how about if we told you that fiction is now coming true? Whether sentient or super functional, robots are ready to join your family as fully fledged member of your tribe. Let's take a look at some of the life-like gadgets that may just deserve a place in your home. No birth certificate required. Yet.

Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 15.24.02.png
Image credit: Flickr  

SoftBank Pepper
SoftBank Pepper is the world’s first sentient robot to hit the market. Originally only available in Japan, he is now making his way to the US. Pepper is a sentient robot. Sentience means having the ability to feel and perceive feelings. So a sentient robot is the most human piece of machinery you are likely to get. The advances in science and technology mean robots are on their way to becoming a little bit emotional. Pepper has the capacity to read emotions. At present, he is being used to enhance people’s everyday lives and connect with humans in the outside world. In Japan, he is used in hundreds of stores to welcome, amuse and delight customers. With his inbuilt cameras and sensors, he can perceive emotions, recognize your face and hold a conversation with you. As you spend more time with him, he learns your personality traits and behaviors and adapts to these. He can even speak in different languages with you. He’s pretty cute looking, and domestic homes in Japan are already incorporating them into their lives!   

iRobot Vacuum
Don’t fancy another human in your home? Well how about an iRobot vacuum instead? The iRobot Roomba 980 uses the latest in technology to navigate around your home on its own, cleaning the dust as it goes. It works perfectly on both carpets and wood floors and at Vacuum Fox you can read all about this superstar robot machine. So sit back, relax and finally let someone else do the tiring job of vacuuming your home. The iRobot Roomba even recharges itself until the job is done. You can connect through your phone to schedule a clean. So even if you aren’t at home, iRobot Roomba will be working its domestic duties for you. It’s spinning side brushes will sweep walls and edges and will save you a tonne of backache in the process. And when he’s finished? He makes his own way back to his docking station home.  

Asus Zenbo
Our last little robot of the day is the Asus Zenbo, and this tiny chap is cute as a button. He’s the perfect companion for creating a safe, secure and smart home. He can control your television without the use of a remote control. He can show you who is at the door and open it for your friends, and if you’ve forgotten your keys he can let you in as well. And you can also send him around the house to switch on any lights you want on in different rooms. Oh, and at nighttime, he can turn off the lights after you have gone to bed, and turn on the fan if you get too hot. And if you have young children who are unsure about going to bed at night, Zenbo can go with them and turn out the light when they are safely in bed. We like him already!