Friday, September 30, 2016

Supermom! Why You Leave All Other Heroes In The Dust

Who's your favorite superhero? It's a pretty male-dominated field, isn't it? You've got Superman, who can fly and that's cool, and Batman with his range of gadgets. Spiderman, who of course does whatever a spider can (which presumably means Mom-Woman can remove him using a glass and some paper). Aside from Wonder Woman, and Supergirl (which felt like tokenism, let's be frank), female heroes have been few and far between.

Now, there are reasons for that. First of all, Hollywood always has been and still largely is dominated by men. Secondly, women are always seen as the ones who need rescuing. People are expected to be attracted to the hero, and strength in women is intimidating. For some reason. But if we look at it another way, you're already a superhero. Supermom! Let's look at your superpowers.

You Can Multitask!

Scoff all you like, but moms have been spinning plates since forever to ensure households stay functional. If Superman had to sub in for a day, sure he could get there fast and lift everything to clean. But he'd need reminding to get the bills paid and make all the appointments that need making. Supermom, meanwhile, can look at a crisis and break it down into what needs to be done, right away.

You Can Analyse At A Glance!
"You've got to help us, Batman! The kitchen has flooded!"

"Can I... can I solve it by kicking or punching anything?"


"Well I'm sorry, but it seems you're on your own."

Yes, superheroes are good at acting, but rarely as good at thinking. When a crisis happens, you're there, taking stock of the situation and getting it solved. The kitchen is flooded?

POW! You cut off the source of the water. BANG! You clear the pooled water away. KA-BLAMMO! You call your good friends in emergency water damage to correct any lasting damage. Yeah, you have sidekicks. What was Robin, after all?

You Have Limitless Patience!
Okay, you don't have limitless patience, but you can act like you do. Yes, it gets annoying when household trauma occurs due to someone else leaving a tap running or forgetting to turn off the stove. But you act, you get it fixed and you don't waste time pointing fingers. And you do all of this without expecting groveling thanks from everyone.

"Thanks, Supermom. You saved the whole damned house!"

"It's what I do. All in a day's work."

You Even Have A Secret Identity
By day, you're a mom. By night, you're also a mom. You do any number of tasks that people consider basic and prosaic, but without which the house would fall apart. And when it gets hairy, you know what to do and do it. Not all heroes wear capes, although it is an option. They're very in, right now.

The thing is, all of this gets reduced down to the rather mundane title of "housewife". How is that fair? Every once in a while, maybe the townspeople need to know that you deserve some rep for what you do. You just know that Spiderman would be milking it for all it's worth. And you don't leave webs everywhere.