Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Stubborn Acne Making My Life Miserable

Why acne needs to be stubborn? Why do we need to get them on our face specifically? Why it can't appeared on places of our bodies where it is not visible to the public eyes? I am so tired of dealing with my acne. I never had this severe case of acne before. First and foremost, it is breaking my bank by buying different acne products with promising results.

I can't go to the dermatologist for I do not have the insurance. Visits alone will break me into pieces with the doctor's fee plus expect the prescription. I am in my 30's and why still getting these darn acne? I am not into fried foods since my husband cooks food in the oven the american way! :)

So, I finally gave this leading acne products that is buzzing about how it gives you clear skin and very popular to the students. I am subscribed as I have to. Right now, I chose the Maximum strength, one week today and I am happy so far for seeing some result. I am looking forward of having that clear skin a month from now. I got a break out yesterday which makes me unhappy. But, crossing fingers and hopeful that this one will work fighting against my stubborn acne. Oh GOD, take these acne away as I don't need them... LOL