Wednesday, September 21, 2016

So You've Found Pests In Your Home? Here's What To Do

So you’ve found pests in your house or garden. Don’t worry; this isn’t the end of the world. In fact, there are many things you can do to get rid of the infestation. And there are also plenty of ways you can prevent one from ever taking over your property again. Want to know how to get rid of all the nasty bugs and vermin? Then you’ve come to the right place; this blog post is full of useful tips and tricks that can help you rid the creatures from you home for good!

Clean Your Gutters
Did you know that mosquitoes and other small bugs can live and breed in your gutters? As long as your gutters are full of dead leaves and have a small amount of water in them, then bugs can breed in them. So you need to make sure that you regularly clean out your gutters. Not only is this great for getting rid of infestations, but it also prevents excessive water damage from damaging your property.

Use Herbs
There are some herbs that certain pests can’t stand. For instance, wasps hate rosemary. So if you are often plagued by wasps flying through your kitchen, you should hang some fresh bouquets of rosemary from your kitchen ceiling. There are also a few herbs that ants don’t like either. If you find some ants in your kitchen, use strong smelling herbs such as oregano or sage to get rid of them.

Set Traps
One of the best ways to get rid of pests and vermin is to set traps. One great way to get rid of vermin is to set rat and mice traps. You will be able to find traps in your local home depot store. If this doesn’t seem to help with your rat problem, contact your nearest rodent exterminator. There are also some homemade traps that you can use to get rid of other pests. For example, beer traps are a great way of removing slugs and snails from your garden.

Take The Trash Out
Clean kitchens won’t attract as many pests as dirty kitchens. That is because there won’t be as much for small creatures to eat. One of the easiest ways to drastically reduce your risk of an infestation moving in is to take the trash out at the end of every day. It is also a good idea to try and stick to just a small bin in your kitchen for food waste. Otherwise, a large amount of food waste might build up without you realizing it. And bugs and pests might notice it before you do!

Don’t Get Rid Of All Bugs
Some bugs are useful around the house as they eat pests. Try not to kill spiders when you see them as they like to dine on houseflies, cockroaches, and silverfish. It is always best to try and control the number of spiders in your home rather than kill them all.

You shouldn’t have any troubles with pests from now on!