Thursday, September 22, 2016

Saving Money For Future Family Vacation

Time can really fly so fast. I was been asked many times about when me and my family is going back home to Philippines?! My always replied was in 2018 if GOD permits. Now, 2016 this year is almost over and I don't have that much money save yet. 

There are four of us, two kids and two adults, think of the plane tickets, hotel expenses, foods and etc. - I know I can save as long as I will start controlling my spending habit. I hate myself when it comes to spending.

I felt liked I am already running out of time. Not to forget 3 passports needs to be renew and our little guy needs a passport. Today I left the store spent $5.30 which was very unusual but still I spent some money. Sigh :(

We really need this vacation. I know it will happen I hope I am not going to struggle. I pray that somewhere down the road, luck will happen financially. :)