Friday, September 30, 2016

Protecting Your Possessions - Fundamental Dos and Don'ts To Keep Them Safe

We always hear the message that this life isn't about materials things, that our possessions shouldn't matter. But that isn’t very true to life, is it? The truth is that we work hard every day for the things that we have, and we want to take care of them so they don't get damaged or stolen. Luckily there are quite a few things you can do to keep your possessions safe, read on to find out more.



The first step you can take to keep your possessions safe is to be security conscious and install CCTV cameras. These act as a deterrent, as burglars will be able to see them on the outside of your home and so won't take the risk of being identified and so caught. If real life, working outdoor cameras are too expensive, then there are other options too.

The first is to use dummy cameras. These are just the outer casing, so they look like fully functioning systems, when they are not. The idea is that they still have the same deterring properties that a real camera would have.


Something else that is a new development on the market is the USB security cam. These are essential webcams that connect your computer and allow you to records what is going on inside your home. There have been several instances in the media where people have been caught because they were unaware that they were being filmed.

Next, not all risk to your possessions come from outside the home. Some, unfortunately, are an inside job. We are talking here about clumsy housemates, pets or children. That is why it's vital to consider the placement and storage of your most precious items.

It's better to display delicate items behind glass or up high so they are in no danger of being knocked over. Anything that could be dangerous if broken should be avoided if you have kids and pets in the house as they may end up with nasty accidental injuries.

When moving
Also, it's important that you protect your items when moving home. Its surprising the amount of damage that your choice piece could sustain if they are not treated with the respect that they deserve. Some antique pieces could decrease in value substantially if they receive even the slightest damage. That's why it's best to pick responsible movers that will be aware of the monetary and sentimental value of your items.


Always be at home
Lastly, while in real life we can't always be at home, we can make it seem like we are. It's is much less likely that someone will break into an occupied house. The first thing you can do it to get an automatic timer for you lights and TV, so it appears if you are there, when you aren’t.


You can also get systems like Ring which is doorbell camera that works via your mobile phone. This means you can answer the door when you aren't there and make it appear as it if are home all the time.